About Us

Pink Support is an organization that supports the integration of marginalized groups in Macedonia’s social life through their inclusion in the sports, social and educational activities in the country. In this direction, Pink Support strives to provide stronger visibility of people that are discriminated on the basis of their sexual orientation, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, people with special needs, but also all those who don’t have access to adequate medical and social care and suffer from rare diseases that are not treatable in Macedonia. We are looking for individuals whose life stories inspire and motivate. We want to create opportunities not FOR those who don’t have them, but WITH them. --- Blind and Visually impaired people in Macedonia continually work towards building a society where every person’s dignity is respected and blind people are not seen as “less valuable.” Inspired by their efforts, Pink Support has joined forces with the organization “World at Your Palm,” in order to realize the project “Let’s Meet Up,” organized to honor 15th October – International White Cane Day. The main goal of the project is to fight the prejudice that exist towards blind and visually impaired persons. Our activities aim to increase the level of inclusion of blind people in society, demystify their condition and increase their chances of getting employment. As part of the project we plan to publish several manuals and short videos that will educate people on how to approach and help blind people, as well as organize sports activities and events.

What We Think About Our Projects

Pink Support’s projects are developed with special attention to the needs of the people and groups that are targeted. They are designed to meet their needs and offer solutions. We are open to partnering with organizations and institutions that share the same mission like us.

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